Who we are

Meraas. A Dubai-based holding company

Meraas is committed to creating a better city for people to live, work, and visit. We design for a diverse mix of people to stimulate a creative urban culture where the next generation of ideas, businesses, and communities can take root. Our vision is to encourage people to live an active urban lifestyle by designing, developing, and operating diverse places that enable people to enjoy more of the things they love. By focusing on what matters most to people, we’re reimagining our city to develop new possibilities that will shape urban life for generations to come.

These investments ensure a better future for all those who live in and visit Dubai, and span different sectors including food, retail, leisure and entertainment, hospitality, and health, among others. Our destinations which to date include City Walk, The Beach, Boxpark, Last Exit, The Outlet Village, and Kite Beach, are open places for communities to socialise, explore, learn, play, create, and enjoy.

Our activities include developing and operating diverse, high quality urban destinations, as well as investing and creating new technologies and experiences across the city. Our work spans several sectors – from food, fun and travel to health, tech and education.

We draw from the best creative and engineering talent from across the world to reimagine and create new possibilities in active urban living. We work in close collaboration with both public and private organisations to ensure our investments are strategically placed to build a better future for generations to come.