Meraas and Emirati artist Sultan Al Shamsi collaborate on digital art to celebrate 48th National Day

  • Series of artworks capture 10 concepts that will be displayed at Meraas destinations for National Day celebrations
  • Digital canvases depict values of unity, vision, harmony, elevate, perseverance, pride, creativity, synchrony, happiness and prosperity
  • Artworks on display on big screens at Meraas destinations from 24 November to 2 December

To mark the UAE’s 48th National Day, Meraas, the Dubai-based holding company known for its revolutionary architectural imagination, has teamed up with acclaimed Emirati artist Sultan Al Shamsi to create a series of 10 digital canvases that symbolise the traditional values of the UAE. 

Al Shamsi’s art will be displayed on big screens across Meraas’ leading outdoor destinations, including Hub Zero at City Walk by Meraas, from 24 November to 2 December.

His unique works instil a sense of belonging in citizens and residents who call the UAE their home. Each piece represents an integral theme in the country’s history that is synonymous with Meraas’ values and vision.

The 10 images depict Emiratis at poignant moments to evoke the spirit of the nation. 

On the La Mer artwork, a family of four points to the sky as the UAE’s Al Fursan aerobatics display planes trail puffs of smoke in the colours of the UAE flag across the sky, symbolising happiness. 
The digital canvas at The Beach shows a man on horseback against the backdrop of lapping waves to signify pride.
In the piece on display at Al Seef, a man is seen painting a canvas in mid-air to demonstrate the wealth of local artistic talent existing in the UAE, representing creativity that is intrinsic to the Emirati people.
An Emirati astronaut is portrayed in his space suit touching down outside Hub Zero to convey vision at City Walk. 
At Boxpark, an Emirati woman in Jiujitsu gear depicts synchrony. 
The UAE’s proud support of people of determination is shown through an image of a Paralympian at Last Exit to demonstrate the nation’s perseverance.
At Kite Beach, the innovative spirit of the UAE is conveyed through a figure taking off in a jetpack to evoke the concept of elevation.
At The Outlet Village, a woman in a flowing black abaya moving through the destination in style, represents harmony.
A young Emirati carries the UAE flag aloft to symbolise prosperity and the pride the nation’s youth feels towards its country in the piece on display at Bluewaters.
To tie the narrative of the futuristic artworks together the iconic three-finger salute for victory of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, evokes the feeling of unity.

The concepts present in Al Shamsi’s digital canvases are pillars of the forward-thinking vision the UAE leadership has outlined for the country as it seeks to become the happiest nation in the world and one of the most creative, dynamic and diverse places to live.

Growing up in Al Ain, Al Shamsi discovered an early love for art through the inspiration that the UAE’s rich heritage offers. “Inspiration is all around us here – the food, the people, the desert, the mountains, the sea,” he says.

Speaking of the pieces he has created for the 48th National Day in collaboration with Meraas, he adds: “They will leave the viewers proud to live in a country that, though it may have changed significantly over the past 48 years, has maintained its core traditions and values.”

Al Shamsi’s art connects Meraas’ modern urban culture to the UAE’s heritage. Although the style of his work is deeply rooted in local culture, he looks to move away from traditional mediums and towards digital art. He admires Meraas for capturing the spirit of the nation in its projects, and loves seeing a touch of art at every corner across its destinations. 

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