Central Park is Coming Together

Central Park at City Walk development continues to advance as we prioritise the highest standards for construction. We invested in innovations like pod technology, allowing the bathrooms to be manufactured offsite and then installed onsite, reducing waste with superior quality.
The below interior features are already in place:

  • Porcelain floor combining beauty and durability

  • Doors in veneer wood for a warm welcome

  • Kitchen countertops in high-end quartz

  • Wall tiles complementing the contemporary design

  • Kitchen shutters laminated for a sleek visual

  • Wardrobe shutters in elegant veneer wood

  • Vanity countertop in high-end quartz

*Q2 2023 Construction Progress

Overall Progress


Building Works


Infrastructure Progress


Landscape Progress


RERA Progress

*According to our internal inspection conducted on June 30th, the project's progress stands at 87.9%. As per RERA, the progress is reported as 67.83% based on their inspection conducted on May 23rd.

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