Central Park Building 1 Nearing Completion

Significant progress has been reported for Q4 at Central Park Building 1, with diligently advanced interior and exterior features to meet the aesthetic and functional standards of a premier property.
Infrastructure developments are underway, with parking access and drop-off points to ensure effortless access. We are dedicated to upholding our commitment to quality and eagerly anticipate the handover of this development.

  • Porcelain flooring laid

  • Wooden doors received a new veneer finish

  • The walls received a fresh coat of paint

  • Approved low-voltage power source connected

*Q4 2023 Construction Progress

Overall Progress


Building Works


Infrastructure Progress


Landscape Progress


RERA Progress

*According to our internal inspection conducted on 20/12/2023, the project’s progress is 97.5%. As per RERA, the progress reported is 94.44% based on their inspection conducted on 27/09/2023.

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