Beautiful Homes Close to Being Ready at Cherrywoods

We are working closely with the project suppliers to deliver this family-friendly community
As we overcome difficulties that resulted in unforeseen delays, the improvement continues.
Here are some highlights from the current progress:

  • Budling Completion Certificate ongoing (64% of the townhouses)

  • Hassantuk Fire Alarm System installed for the quickest response time in case of emergencies

  • Lockable Pullable Ladder installed for hassle-free roof access from the inside

  • All structures in precast elements for stability and durability

  • Landscape in the final stage for completion

  • Exquisite interior finish: European sanitary wares, fitting, and accessories

  • Elegant lights: internal and external fittings from Italy and Spain

  • Joinery work crafted with Malaysian wood

*Q2 2023 Construction Progress

Overall Progress


Building Works


Infrastructure Progress


Landscape Progress


RERA Progress

*According to our internal inspection conducted on June 30th, the project's progress stands at 98.30%. As per RERA, the progress is reported as 89.64% based on their inspection conducted on May 17th.

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