Discover contemporary 3D art murals, live pendulum paintings and more at City Walk

  • Dubai Canvas partners with Brand Dubai to launch summer art festival themed ‘Travelling Through Art’ in City Walk’s Indoor Courtyard
  • Guinness World Record Holder, Juandrés Vera showcases his brilliant 3D art-style
  • Weekend activities include innovative live pendulum paintings, beautiful calligraphy experiences

This summer, City Walk, the design-inspired open-air lifestyle destination by Meraas, transforms into a giant canvas for all to enjoy. For an entire month from 31 July to 31 August 2020, visitors can experience a journey across contemporary art featuring international 3D artist, Juandrés Vera, and other local artists, as part of an immersive art exhibition. 

The theme of the indoor art exhibition, a collaboration between Dubai Canvas and Brand Dubai, is ‘Travelling Through Art’. Given that most travel plans for the summer have now been postponed, visitors can get their fill of inspiration and out-of-the-world wonder at the art festival as they celebrate contemporary art. 

Spanish 3D artist and Guinness World Record holder, Juandrés Vera will bring to City Walk a blend of street art, with his trademark style of creating wonderfully immersive aesthetics and realism. He is set to showcase his amazing anamorphic (3D) murals that thrill the senses and make visitors feel they can actually walk into the image. The multi-award winning artist’s 2D and 3D art works have been displayed in museums and galleries around the world and are richly interactive in nature – encouraging passers-by to stop and click some well-deserved ‘gram worthy moments. 

Over the weekend, visitors can immerse themselves in more art to their heart’s content as they watch local artists create live art experiences as part of a mesmerising pendulum painting performance. Combining elements of both science and art, the Spirograph inspired project exchanges a paint brush for a swinging pendulum and is guaranteed to make for an enjoyable artistic spectacle. 

Brightening up the weekends, international Dubai based artist Milan (@artkal3) will host live meditation, and fascinating experimental pendulum painting sessions twice a day. Visitors can also enjoy the stimulating live calligraphy challenges showcased by popular local artist Ahmed ElMehri (@qip), who gained acclaim for being one of the 49 UAE artists to create the UAE Nation Brand. His customised, interactive, and stunning urban calligraphy exhibit is set to shimmer in the summer sun.  

What’s more, visitors can tap their foot to musician performances and enjoy typical street-side mime performances over the weekend.

Don’t miss out on these riveting artistic experiences only at City Walk.

Schedule of Events: 

Event Date Time Location
Live 3D painting by Juandrés Vera 28 July - 6 August 8am - 1pm & 3pm - 8pm Indoor Courtyard
3D interactive art experience by Juandrés Vera 31 July - 31 Aug (Weekdays) 10pm - 10pm
31 July - 31 Aug (Fridays & Saturdays) 10am -12am
Live pendulum painting 31 July - 31 Aug (Fridays & Saturdays) 4:00pm & 7:30pm
Calligraphic murals and workshops 5:30pm
Mime and musicians show 4pm - 9pm

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