Meraas set to attract adventure-seekers and eco-tourists to Hatta

Meraas set to attract adventure-seekers and eco-tourists to Hatta

As we gear up for cooler weather, families, groups, individuals and adrenaline-junkies will be spoiled for choice with Dubai’s latest attractions in Hatta. Meraas is set to open doors at its projects in Hatta 30 October, offering visitors a unique perspective of the national park which celebrates its serenity, a short drive away from the glimmering lights of the city.

The undertaking will offer global adventure experiences at this unique destination, inviting visitors from UAE and beyond to rediscover Hatta’s serene and breath-taking landscape, its mountains and water bodies.

Meraas will activate the Hatta Wadi Hub featuring a coaching centre and high-energy activities such as mountain biking and Hatta Drop-in, Asia’s first water jump park and an idyllic glamping experience at the Hatta Damani Lodges. Visitors will also have the opportunity to stay at the Hatta Sedr Trailers which offer visitors a first-of-its-kind experience in the region through vintage trailers repurposed as boutique hospitality experiences, in addition to the other attractions and activities such as the Hatta Zorbing.

His Excellency Abdulla Al Habbai, Group Chairman of Meraas, said: “Following the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai and in line with the Hatta Comprehensive Development,  launched As a creator of new destinations, Meraas is redeveloping  the area in an effort to offer visitors a glimpse at Hatta’s authentic Emirati culture and rustic landscape, which are a source of pride for the nation.

Our projects will establish the position of Hatta as National Park and a leading eco-tourism destination, through offering a comprehensive global experience while showcasing and protecting the natural environment. In conjunction with our partners we aim to play an important role in terms of education and raising awareness, through attracting more visitors to Hatta, to meet its people, discover its nature and landmarks which form a part of Hatta’s fabric.” 

New projects unveiled

The latest in a series of projects launched by Meraas is ‘Riad Hatta’. The stunning new boutique hotel, currently in design stage, will offer an authentic dining and cultural experience that showcase the rich local culture and heritage.

The hotel is inspired by traditional ‘Riad’ – houses built around a central courtyard with materials that blend with the nature of Hatta and is expected to open fourth quarter in 2019.   
Riad Hatta will emulate a feeling of arriving home, with spacious rooms overlooking tranquil interior gardens and peaceful courtyards that encourage family and social gatherings. Other amenities include private plunge pools, restaurants serving dishes influenced by local cuisine, as well as a spa and a hammam.

Meraas is also collaborating with Dubai Municipality on several projects namely the redevelopment of the old heritage village to preserve and to revitalise the cultural and traditional market and adding new stores to support Emirati entrepreneurs in developing their own businesses and ensuing a sustainable source of income. Moreover, in line with the community involvement and active life segment under the newly issued National Policy for Senior Emiratis, a majlis which will be a meeting point for Senior Emiratis from Hatta to come together and share experience, knowledge and each other’s company is being built. 

Furthermore, Meraas is working closely with Dubai Municipality on several studies that aim to develop and protect the waterbodies in Hatta through assessing ways and methods to increase water retention levels. 

Prominent adventure attractions at Hatta: Hatta Wadi Hub

A perfect escape for the adventure and activity seeking visitors, Hatta Wadi Hub offers a wide range of experiences to suit every taste. The activities on offer include both paid and free options that range from mountain bike (MTB) coaching and rentals, to downhill mountain biking, downhill carting, a human sling shot, axe throwing, archery, freefall jumps, Dr Rock station, adventure rope courses, rope bridge, wall climbing, kids and adult’s trampolines, as well as twin and kids zip lines, among others. 

Hatta Wadi Hub also debuts Hatta Drop-in, Asia’s first water jump park, with a crazy jump, crazy slide, drop-in donuts and drop-in tracks. 
Visitors can also book for a kayaking or a hiking experience at Hatta Wadi Hub.

Experiences Galore

The fun does not stop there at Hatta. Another region’s first making its way to the up and coming tourist spot is Hatta Zorbing, a specialised zorbing centre for adults and kids. The popular sport where riders roll downhill inside a giant transparent orb takes the adventure quotient to a whole new level. 

Those who love wandering around Hatta, can book through Hatta Adventures a tour and prep themselves to a journey of exploration and discovery where they are guided through the winding routes and paths of this scenic destination by UAE Nationals from Hatta. 

That’s not all. Foodies can eat to their heart’s content, with a wide range of delectable choices on offer, including four food trucks, a coffee shop and café, all managed by Emirati national entrepreneurs from Hatta.

Keeping its exclusivity intact, Meraas’ projects in Hatta take great care to protect the local ecosystem. Services are also offered through engaging the residents from the area, making the experience authentically Hatta.  

Redefined Glamping at Hatta

Holidaymakers looking to leave the city behind and retreat to a calm, serene setting need not look further than the Hatta Damani Lodges and Hatta Sedr Trailers. Nestled between the picturesque mountains of Hatta, both properties offer incredible ecotourism experiences appealing to the avid nature-lover. 

Hatta Damani Lodges houses three different types of cabins to offer an exclusive idyllic mountain lodge experience enhanced by Hatta’s rich and diverse ecosystem that spans across extensive mountain and biking trails. Hatta Damani Lodges are at close to Hatta Wadi Hub and to a world of adventures and activities. Visitors can wind down from the day-long adrenaline rush around a bonfire at the Hatta Wadi Hub or enjoy scrumptious barbeques at cosy purpose-built huts.

On the other hand, Hatta Sedr Trailers brings the first-ever trailer hotel concept to the region, featuring trailers transformed into hospitality units each with its own terrace. Guests at Hatta Sedr Trailers can access a common area equipped with a fire pit and barbeque facilities, while enjoying an uninterrupted view of the charming banks of Hatta Dam. 

Overnight stays are also available at Hatta Campsite, a dedicated camp site, where tents can be set up to offer a curated indoors-meets-outdoors experience. Alternatively, visitors can take a spot at Hatta Caravan Park while they enjoy all what Hatta has to offer. 

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